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Is Your Marketing Agency Putting Your Business at Risk? - Entrepreneur

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Finding a good marketing company is a project in its own right. Many professionals have stories about sky-high promises that go unfulfilled. But what if the problem runs deeper than poor performance?

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Demands on a business owner's time are intense, and successful entrepreneurs know how to determine which tasks to delegate. Marketing and branding are often outsourced in growing companies due to the sheer volume and variety of collateral needed to get the right message to customers across multiple channels.

Much is written about how to look for the right marketing company. Lists about the top things you should be doing to market your business abound. But what if your marketing company is doing more than just underperforming? What if it is putting you at risk?

There are two main ways by which an agency may be putting your business on questionable legal footing: intellectual property infringement and unfair competition. The former is a more frequent problem than the latter, but businesses should be aware of the potential liability that can arise from both.

Intellectual property infringement

Intellectual property issues can result from either the misuse or appropriation of marketing assets. Ideas, words or images can be stolen, or they can be used without proper permission, attribution or licensing.

For example, when we took over digital marketing services for a recent new client, we began a website audit to help us...

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