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Website Marketing for Attorneys: How to Prevent Bots From Crawling Your Website - JD Supra

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Generally speaking, you want your website content to be as “crawlable” as possible. It’s important for spiders – such as those from Google – to be able to view your site quickly and easily. However, there might be times you want to block bots. Keep reading to learn why you would want to block some bots and how to do so in order to improve website marketing for attorneys.

Website Marketing for Attorneys

What is a Bot?

Many people aren’t really sure what a bot is and that makes them difficult to prevent. Short for “robot”, a bot is a software application that’s designed to repeat a particular task over and over. SEO professionals can utilize bots to scale their SEO campaigns by automating as many tasks as possible. They can help digital teams to work smarter instead of harder, for example scraping useful data from search engines.

Are Bots and Spiders Harmless?

For the most part, both spiders and bots are harmless. You actually need them in many cases. For example, you need Google’s bots to crawl and index your site in order to appear in search. Occasionally, though, bots can pose problems and provide unwanted traffic. This matters because:

  • They can confuse the matter of where your traffic is coming from.
  • They can muddle reports and make them hard to understand (and less useful).
  • You may encounter misattribution in Google Analytics.
  • Bandwidth can be increased to accommodate additional traffic, which can add to your costs.
  • Unwanted traffic can lead to other small...

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