Thursday, September 21, 2023

A Look at Four of Dayton's Best Real Estate Agents - RealtyBizNews

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This week, we turn to the Dayton, Ohio, region in our top U.S. real estate agents search. We’ve profiled some of the industry’s finest digital marketing and sales experts for the past few months. At the same time, we’ve been trying to work out a better method for buyers and sellers to choose between agents.

So far, no single strategy has emerged to simplify what amounts to a fairly onerous process of elimination. We’re still using a process where open reviews lead us to investigate the scope of effort selected professionals exhibits more thoroughly. That said, here’s what we found in Dayton, a city of a little less than one million residents in its metro area.

Tami Holmes is Dayton’s real estate superhero. 565 perfect reviews via Google, 478 almost perfect Zillow ratings, one of the most engaged Facebook efforts we’ve seen, and other indicators make this apparent. But get this, of all the agency websites I’ve ever sampled for SEO, Holmes’ 94/100 is the highest yet. What this means for me is that this professional has left nothing to chance. Even the design aesthetics leave the impression of warmth and trust.

Holmes is also reaching out to local media, unlike 99% of her competitors. Traditional media for branding is something that is sorely overlooked all across America. And even her Twitter feed is active and engaged, something very few U.S. agents can boast of. As I said, she seems to have left nothing to chance. If there is one missing link in her marketing approach, it’...

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