Saturday, September 24, 2022

What’s That Shiny New Marketing Toy You’ve Got There? || Google’s Out Of Home Ads - Legal Talk Network

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First Gyi and Conrad dig through the giant heap of legal marketing news that somebody left here since the last episode. Then, the guys help you avoid over-investing in every “cool new thing” right before they encourage you to invest in Google’s “cool new thing”.

Second Life! Pokemon Go! Clubhouse! (gasp) Whatever other nonsense you think might work to market your firm. Yes, there’s always cool new tech to play with, and maybe you feel like you can be early to this new thing, but sometimes it’s important to step back and make sure you’re not over-investing in the next nothingburger. DO: keep up with the latest trends and tech. DON’T: be a sucker for the next shiny thing.

And, we’ve all seen it in the movies; a “delightful” future of humanity where everywhere you walk there is a personalized hologram trying to sell you the latest, hottest new thing or turkey dinner in a cup. Well, good news! Google is taking the first steps to that utopia with their new offerings with Out of Home ads. The gents share their takes on our bright future, brought to you by Google, and how (and why) you’d use Out of Home to promote your law firm.

A Giant Pile of News:

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