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An autumn for economic forethoughts | By Dr Hassan Daud Butt - Pakistan Observer

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An autumn for economic forethoughts
THE global leaders are gathering in Uzbekistan for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit.
As the summit is approaching the expectations are incrementing because not that President Xi will be attending his first significant conference outside China after COVID-19 started and also this year Iran is likely to sign a memorandum as full member.
Over the years SCO has grown in structure which offers its members different sets of outcomes with Connectivity and integration as leading the regional level discussions.
During these challenging times, the conventional wisdom continues to adjust to national priorities.
The SCO with its eight full members and ten other dialogue partners can help converge for win-win solutions to the challenges that the region faces and to extract and exchange mutual capabilities and efficacies.
This will help the nations to discuss the political and economic challenges compounded by Climate Change.
In Pakistan, the horrific impact of terrestrial floods, the Russian-Ukrainian crises, the Azerbaijan –Armenia conflict and brewing food security are all matters that will be discussed.
Under its slogan of a shared future for mankind and the collective common good, the future plan of the Belt and Road initiative will also be discussed with China offering a reformed global development initiative agenda as the world continues to combat the potential economic, security and public health challenges.
The region is...

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