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How To Use Google Question Hub To Build Your Content Strategy - RealtyBizNews

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One of the things real estate agents struggle with in digital marketing is coming up with ideas for content. Most know that content is a cornerstone of a strong digital marketing strategy, but are lost when it comes to coming up with fresh content.

What if I told you that there’s a tool that will tell you exactly what questions people are asking Google related to your service? What if I told you that tool was actually provided by Google and powered by their search data and AI platform? Meet Google Question Hub, a free beta platform they provide to website admins to research questions that People Often Ask in Google.

What is Google’s Question Hub?

The primary function of Google’s Question Hub is to help content creators identify questions that lack answers in Google. Content creators can input their transactional keywords into this tool and Google will provide a list of related questions. These questions are informational queries that share two qualities:

  1. They are receiving at least some consistent search volume in Google
  2. Google does not have enough pages indexed that answer them sufficiently

This is a powerful tool that real estate professionals can use to identify content gaps in Google’s index, as well as what topics users are searching for that are related to their products, services, and location. Google uses the articles submitted by users in Question Hub to answer questions in their ‘People Often Ask’ section of search result pages.

What Do I Need to Get Started...

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