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In the digital age, it’s becoming harder and harder to not only attract customers but get their attention in the first place. The truth is, as much as the consumer has more access to more options than ever before, they are also being bombarded with more and more advertisements. Because of this, consumers are developing better skills at understanding what an advertisement is which makes customer conversion even harder.

For marketing and advertising departments, it’s not just about getting in front of a potential customer – it’s about convincing a potential customer that they should invest. This is where the power of effective SEO can come into play. There are two styles of SEO that companies can use, organic and paid SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it does exactly this. SEO focuses on optimizing the experience a customer has to interact by connecting to the particular brand through a search engine like Google. This in itself is a challenge when you look at the fact that average queries in Google’s search engine can have literally millions of results.

The job of effective SEO is to present a brand to a potential customer by giving it a higher ranking in Google’s search engine. There are paid SEO schemes where brands can purchase a better ranking, and then there is organic SEO. Organic is typically seen as the more successful, however, it takes considerably more work.

Organic SEO is a process by which a brand enriches its online presence raising its value...

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