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What phones do the Android Authority team use as daily drivers? (2022 edition) - Android Authority

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From Samsung to Google and beyond, here's what we use as our personal devices.

We cover loads of devices here at Android Authority, ranging from budget wares to cutting-edge flagship devices and foldable phones. But using a phone every day as your primary device or daily driver? Now, that’s another matter entirely for us.

We poll the team every year to find out about the daily drivers we use, starting in 2018 and stretching through to 2021. Over a year has passed since our last poll, so we figured that we’d survey the team once again for the 2022 edition of our Android Authority daily driver article.

21 Team AA members from all across the globe contributed to these results, noting their daily driver, likes/dislikes, and giving a score out of 10. So which phones do we use on the team? Let’s get on with the results!

The results

We’ve posted results by both individual phone model and by brand. Check out the charts below for a look, but we’ll do a deep dive afterwards.

Is it any surprise to see Samsung is the most popular brand used by Android Authority team members? The Korean manufacturer accounted for a third of all phones used by the team. Interestingly, this doesn’t represent a change compared to last year’s poll, which also saw Samsung accounting for a third of all phones. Otherwise, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was the only Samsung phone to appear more than once (with two people using it).

It's no surprise to see Samsung is the most popular brand among Team AA, reflecting the...

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