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AI Writing Assistants: A Cure for Writer's Block or Modern-Day Clippy? - PCMag

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In recent years, I've watched AI weave its way into our daily lives. It's written and directed movies, acted as a therapist, and visualized alternate realities. But I was curious to learn if AI is now smart enough to be an "intelligent writing assistant."

It's not too far off. As Microsoft points out in its Future of Work(Opens in a new window) report, "AI is good at learning and scaling patterns, meaning for these activities people can instead focus on doing things in new ways and generating novel ideas. For example, someone might write a document by merely listing the ideas it should include. The details can be fleshed out automatically, much like developers use Copilot to flesh out ideas through code.”

But how realistic is that for the average would-be writer? We tried Jasper, Rytr, and HyperWrite to see if artificial intelligence can give our writing an edge.

Test 1: Jasper.ai

Jasper(Opens in a new window), which bills itself as "your AI co-writing pilot," boasts that you’ll be able to “create content 5x faster with artificial intelligence.” Speed is useful, especially when one is freelancing, so I signed up with one of my Gmail profiles.

I'm always wary of handing over personal information upfront, but Jasper wanted to know my company and domain name. The site had grayed-out pre-installs in both fields with company name [SpaceX] and domain [SpaceX.com]. Wish-fulfillment, or just another Elon Musk admirer?

When asked how I was planning to use Jasper, I noticed the...

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