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Blogging Tips Using Blot.Im. A tutorial on how to hack Blot.Im | by Thomas Ott | Sep, 2022 - DataDrivenInvestor

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I switched my thomasott.io site over to Blot again and I wanted to share with you a simple tutorial on how you can leverage SEO and tags with it. It’s a super simple interface that makes blogging and writing fast and easy.

Blot.Im is a neat Dropbox/Github to blog static generator which I fancied for a while. I still like it but it’s not as mature as Hugo but it has promise. It definitely is easy to drop images into a folder and it creates a blog post from it, so if you like super easy of use, then try out Blot.

Leveraging Tags in Blot.Im

For years I mistagged so many posts. I didn’t have a logical way of adding and editing them. My old WordPress posts were littered with junk everywhere that I had just abandoned posts as they were. Now, with Blot.Im I have two great ways of organizing and using tags. It’s so simple that I’m wondering why I didn’t start using it right away.

Make a Tag Directory

This is a feature that I just started using and love it from the get-go. It’s super simple and all you do is create a folder with []’s in your Blot folder. For example, I have a lot of Tutorial posts that I want to tag as “Tutorial.” I just created a folder called [Tutorial] and dropped all posts there. Instantly they all get tagged as Tutorial.

It gets better. If you create a subfolder called [RapidMiner] in your parent [Tutorial] folder, a post that gets dropped into the subfolder will be auto-tagged as “Tutorial, RapidMiner.”

This is a handy feature and it keeps things organized...

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