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5 SEO News You Might Have Missed - The Roanoke Star

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Search engine optimization makes or breaks a business nowadays. If you have an e-commerce shop, blog, landing page for your startup, or a website for your company, your page needs to be optimized to gain full leverage and exposure and attract adequate amounts of traffic.

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Strong Shift to Mobile SEO

One of the most notable factors when you are optimizing your webpage, no matter what it is, be it e-commerce or blog, is to make it mobile-friendly. This simply means that your page needs to be converted to a mobile-friendly version of it if the user accessing it is using a phone. This means:

  • No walls of text. Concise bite-sized information that fits with the mobile UI and that can be read well on a phone screen.
  • Call-to-action sections must be available on the mobile-friendly version of your site.
  • The UI must be converted to a mobile-friendly version. Most people use their phones more than their computers to do casual browsing, shopping, watching movies, messaging, and so on.

Businesses of all kinds will pay the price if they don’t make a mobile-friendly version of their site because of the overwhelming amount of users that use their...

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