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Future of AI Search: 4 Considerations for SEO Automation - AiThority

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Google’s value proposition for consumers is pretty straight forward – consumers use the search engine to find the most relevant and timely information on their search topic. In return, Google strives to give them the best answer. To keep up, Google is constantly learning with the help of the best technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence enables analysis of user behavior, interests and needs which help Google serve up the most relevant information time after time. Over time, many marketing disciplines based on artificial intelligence have developed – one being SEO automation, which has effectively optimized search activities on the web and provided relevant results to users.

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SEO automation is a relatively new concept in digital marketing. Its challenge is to reduce the time from data acquisition to insights to action, which AI plays a crucial role in solving. SEO pros will need to invest more time and resources into developing automation in the years to come. In this article, I will introduce new ideas to investigate, including using Edge technology, AI-driven SEO analysis and highly-customizable intelligent alerts.

Content strategy based on user intent

Consumers expect Google to provide answers to their questions in the shortest possible time. But in many cases, they do not know precisely which keywords to search for a better answer....

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