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Google Streamlines Ad Creation Process - Search Engine Journal

Last updated Tuesday, September 20, 2022 15:26 ET , Source: NewsService

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Google is rolling out several updates designed to streamline the process of creating ads with multiple extensions.

Ad extensions such as sitelinks and lead forms can significantly improve clickthrough rate. Google cites internal data showing advertisers see a 20% increase in clickthrough rate when four sitelinks show with search ads.

The problem for time-strapped marketers is that managing ads and ad extensions required separate steps.

Now, you can create campaigns with ad extensions in a single workflow.

Additionally, you will see “ad extensions” referred to as “assets” throughout the remainder of this article, as Google is adopting a new term for them.

Sitelink “extensions” are now sitelink “assets; price “extensions” are now price “assets,” and so on.

There’s no change to how the assets function; the difference is in name only.

With that cleared up, here’s more information about how the ad creation workflow is changing.

New Workflows For Search & Performance Max Campaigns

When creating search and performance max campaigns, you’ll encounter a further step before the final review called Ads & assets.

During this step, you can add various assets such as images, sitelinks, prices, lead forms, and anything else that applies to your campaign goals.

If you’re unsure which assets are worth utilizing,...

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