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How to handle PPC landing pages for SEO - Search Engine Land

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Every competent SEO knows that “SEO is not an island.” We need to work with different stakeholders to align our marketing efforts.

But one of the most underutilized relationships in marketing teams is between SEO and PPC specialists.

From my experience working with agencies and in-house, collaborating with PPC specialists can bring tremendous value to an SEO strategy and vice versa.

After all, it is not uncommon for an online business to leverage PPC and SEO strategies to grow. Both channels are essential for any online marketing strategy.

While the tactics for PPC are different than SEO techniques, there are a few cases where both channels should collaborate to improve overall business performance.

A look at PPC landing pages

One of the touchpoints between PPC and SEO is landing pages created specifically for PPC campaigns. Creating alternative PPC landing pages is a great way to optimize pages for conversions – and not necessarily for search.

Take a look at this sample landing page used for PPC ads.

The page has very little text and no schema (which isn’t surprising since it’s not an SEO page).

And if you look at the organic keywords this page is attracting in Semrush, it’s only ranking for two keywords, and one of them is branded.

(The actual number of organic keywords may be higher, but it’s expected to be branded, and low rankings on non-branded keywords, if there are more.)

This is an example of a landing page not optimized for search but utilized for PPC purposes....

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