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Top 6 SEO Mistakes Photographers Make in 2022 - SLR Lounge

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SEO is arguably the most sustainable and consistent form of lead generation for photographers (and most other small businesses). However, we often “put it off” until later because we don’t know where to start or what advice to follow. To make things simple and cut through the clutter, let’s review the most common SEO mistakes photographers make in 2022. SEO for photographers doesn’t have to be complicated!

This article will skip over the generic, broad SEO tips and dive into the actual problems we’ve seen many photographers face based on the hundreds of website reviews and personal consulting sessions we’ve done. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll cover:

As a side note, we teach SEO in the 3rd workshop of The Complete Photography Business Training System in SLR Lounge Premium. If you’re a member, then we hope that this jogs your memory and gives you a kick in the butt to complete some of these action steps. If you’re not yet a member and want a more comprehensive guide to business success, we hope you consider joining.

Our Qualifications (We’ll keep this brief!)

Here’s a brief summary of our background so that you know where this information comes from. We have launched several businesses and successfully ranked them for a range of keywords. For example, SEO helps us drive 5-10 leads per day with our wedding business, Lin and Jirsa, in the competitive market of Orange County/Los Angeles, CA. We’re also ranked on the first page for Newborn photography and Maternity...

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