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As homeland faces floods, visiting Pakistani-Americans see promise in Israeli tech - The Times of Israel

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A delegation of 12 Pakistani-American leaders arrived in Israel Sunday for a six-day visit designed to foster deeper ties between two countries that do not have diplomatic relations.
The trip’s goal, according to the organizers, is “to allow the participants to see and explore Israel for themselves, and to transmit what they learn and experience to audiences in Pakistan to help provide information for the important debate underway on whether Pakistan should join the Abraham Accords.”
In the wake of deadly floods in Pakistan, the delegation will place a particular emphasis on blue-and-white technologies around water and food security, and mitigating environmental disasters.
Nasim Ashraf, a physician and former Pakistani human development minister, told The Times of Israel Monday that agricultural technologies he examined in the Gaza border region would be applicable in Pakistan.
“We spent the whole day looking at the advances in water reuse technology and agriculture,” said Ashraf. “It’s remarkable what Israel has achieved in these fields. They are turning deserts into farmland at very low cost.”
The group visited three kibbutzim on the Gaza border — Alumim, Erez, and Nir Am — to discuss desert agrotech.
The group will also meet with President Isaac Herzog, IDF officers, business leaders, and political experts.
They discussed the security situation on the Gaza border on Monday, and were visiting Muslim, Christian, and Jewish holy sites — including the Al Aqsa Mosque on the...

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