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Pakistani fans prefer changing ‘Lenovo’ to ‘Lenevivo’ than have Naseem Shah English-shamed - ThePrint

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New Delhi: Pakistani cricket fans who came to the defence of bowler Naseem Shah after he stumbled over the pronunciation of ‘Lenovo’ have found a rather unique solution that would circumvent future gaffes. Change the name of the tech giant to ‘Lenevivo’.
Naseem Shah’s legion of fans have even launched a petition on Twitter pushing for a name change after a video of Shah went viral recently.
Lenovo Company is about to change its name from Lenovo to Lenvivo after the correct pronunciation by Mr. Naseem Shah.
— u. (@usman_saids) September 15, 2022
The viral video shows an edited snippet of an interview featuring the 19-year-old cricketer with Mohammad Nawaz as they discuss technology with the Quetta Gladiators media team.
The video garnered several mean reactions, with Indian Twitter users mocking Shah’s spoken English skills as he spelled out Lenovo and pronounced it as ‘Lenevivo’. However, Pakistani Twitter users are not ones to remain quiet as they quickly jumped to Shah’s defence. Many fans pointed to the regressive and ‘colonial’ attitude of some social media users for mocking a Pakistani cricketer for not being proficient in a foreign language.
Colonise tou hum bhe hoae thay lakin bharat ka tou haal he bura hai. Mai tou aaj say naseem Shah ke tarhan he Lenovo bolun ge jo karna hai kar lo.
MASHALLAH MASHALLAH Allah nazray-e-bud say bachaiy itna piyar bacha hai mera chota sa. Mai sadkay joun https://t.co/PP2Ij7VKco
They also reminded Indians of Shah’s sensational...

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