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Wix Integrates With Semrush To Provide Users With Keyword Data - Search Engine Journal

Last updated Wednesday, September 21, 2022 08:01 ET , Source: NewsService

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Wix is announcing an integration with Semrush, allowing Wix users to access Semrush’s SEO keyword data directly through the dashboard.

Data provided by Semrush will give Wix users insights that can help them improve search rankings and identify which keywords to target.

This integration is offered at no added charge to Wix users, though a paid Semrush membership will allow you to do more with it.

The usage quota available to users will depend on the Semrush account connected to their website, starting at a daily limit of 10 words for free Semrush accounts.

Semrush’s global database of more than 21 billion keywords allows publishers on the Wix platform to find relevant terms and phrases without leaving the dashboard.

Wix users can access metrics like search intent and keyword difficulty from Semrush’s SEO toolkit.

Insights from Semrush will be provided as part of Wix’s SEO Setup Checklist, a tool that walks publishers through fundamental search optimization and indexing practices.

Marcus Tober, SVP of Enterprise Solutions at Semrush, states in a press release:

“By leveraging Semrush’s keyword databases and metrics, Wix is giving users the necessary tools to find smart opportunities and improve their ranking on Google. As Organic Search traffic is incredibly valuable,...

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