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3 Books to Help Entrepreneurs Generate Winning Employee Cultures - Entrepreneur

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Authoritative guides for creating corporate environments that don't just attract workers, but retain them.

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According to a May, 2022 PwC study, one in five workers plans to quit this year. In the U.S. alone, more than three million quit every month, and that rate has remained stubborn, despite signs of a hiring slowdown.

Put simply, it remains a seller's market for labor, which means businesses of all sizes need to focus on retaining high-performing staff members as part of a savvy growth strategy. And this applies broadly — even for those early-stage companies without the resources of the larger incumbents in their industries.

Fortunately, upping direct compensation isn't the only way to attract and retain talent: Successful company culture transformations can also produce great returns in this space, and at a lower cost. And such transformations don't have to focus only (or even mostly) on simply creating a better place to work. Improving retention can also include enlarging the pie that rank-and-file employees share, as long as these efforts start at the top… with you and your leadership team.

Not sure how to proceed? These three volumes offer outside-the-box ideas for positive culture change, and actionable road maps for when you're ready to begin such a journey.

Can corporate transformations start at home? Should they? Husband, father, entrepreneur and business coach Patrick Cummings thinks so, and that's...

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