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8 takeaways from Ragan and PR Daily's Social Media Pre-Conference - PR Daily

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Three days of insights, networking and a little bit of pixie dust started at Walt Disney World Wednesday with the pre-conference workshops for Ragan and PR Daily’s Social Media Conference.

With hands-on sessions on social audio, SEO and visual storytelling, attendees got a taste of what the rest of the conference will offer: practical, actionable takeaways they can apply to their organizations tomorrow.

Here are a few of the insights from these workshops:

Social Audio Workshop with Timmy Bauer, founder of Dinosour House; Brian Fanzo founder and CEO of iSocialFanz; and James Carbary, founder of Sweet Fish Media

  • A creative premise makes content creation easier. Once you have the hook for your idea, it has the potential to become your audience’s favorite content or show.
  • James Carbary, founder of Sweet Fish Media, shared that he follows Jay Acunzo’s teachings on creating successful audio content and it all begins with premise development. To come up with the premise, it’s broken into three parts:
    • The Quest: to embark on an ambitious journey to improve, rethink or more deeply understand something and let your audience access that.
    • The Mashup: Take multiple things the audience already loves and combine them into something specific for your niche.
    • The Gimmick: A fun, clever and typically named conceit or mechanic that alters the way the content is structured and experienced.
  • “I love that with a creative premise, it’s a constraint that I think actually makes content creation...

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