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Crypto sites you need to avoid at all costs - news.com.au

Last updated Thursday, September 22, 2022 02:03 ET , Source: NewsService

Aussie cryptocurrency investors are falling victim to fake websites mimicking popular crypto services.

Threat Research Engineer from Netskope, Gustavo Palazolo, told news.com.au of a rising global cryptocurrency ruse which is catching out Australians among other investors across the world.

He explained attackers are stealing crypto funds through fake websites which look similar to the real websites used by popular crypto exchanges and wallets.

The scam sites are made worse with search engine optimisation (SEO) methods adding to their apparent legitimacy.

“Attackers have been creating phishing pages in Google Sites and Microsoft Azure Web App to steal cryptocurrency wallets and accounts from Coinbase, MetaMask, Kraken, and Gemini,” Mr Palazolo said.

“In addition, they are adding resources to improve the position of these phishing pages on Google, so that when people search for crypto exchanges, they appear in the first results and get traffic.

“When trying to login or import an existing wallet, victims are exposed to a phishing page that requires the login or wallet details that attackers then use to steal the crypto funds. “Attackers also try to communicate with the victims through a live web chat in these fake pages, with the aim to gather additional data required to steal the crypto funds.”

Mr Palazolo said the attacks, known as ‘social engineering’, have become good at abusing search engines like Google and Bing to spread malicious links or documents.

“A research...

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