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Beth Massey - Content Executive

How to ensure SEO success with the Google helpful content update

Google began rolling out the ‘helpful content update’ on 25th August. The update aims to filter through websites that contain a high amount of unsatisfying and unhelpful content, where content has primarily been written for search engines, rather than for humans.

Google wants to reward those who want to provide useful content, written for humans with the purpose of helping users by filtering landing pages that do not help but rank well because of how they have been designed.

To ensure SEO success, in a human-targeted manner, here are seven key takeaways from the helpful content update:

  1. Ensure you keep intent in mind when writing, and don’t stray too far from the main topic.
  2. Demonstrate first-hand experience to show the depth of knowledge.
  3. Stick to one topic per page to maintain focus.
  4. Provide sufficient answers to the users’ questions.
  5. Remember the overall reader experience, for instance, include images or videos where it could support the content.
  6. Don’t pretend to have the answers if you don’t have all the information, this not only damages trust but also provides an underwhelming user experience.
  7. Ensure you are following guidance for core updates.

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