Sunday, September 25, 2022

Google’s job ready certification program launched in Pakistan - SAMAA English

Last updated Thursday, September 22, 2022 06:00 ET , Source: TopWireNews

Google has officially launched career certifications in Pakistan, following an earlier announcement.
The biggest capacity-building and training organization in Pakistan, the Institute of Rural Management (IRM), and Ignite, a state-owned non-profit company that runs the Digiskills training program, have supported the effort.
With the help of this project, jobseekers and people in deprived regions should be able to acquire valuable skills in six months.
The following certificates must be finished in six months by enrolled individuals who commit to 10 hours of study each week.
IT support, project management, UX design, data analysis, IT automation, digital marketing, and e-commerce are the courses being offered by Google.
These classes will be offered through Coursera, an open online learning platform created by Stanford University in 2012.
Deserving/needy students can get scholarships from IRM and Ignite, which would enable them to earn certifications for nothing at all.

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