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Organic sitelinks appear beneath a listing in search results. Google provides no clear guidelines on optimizing for sitelinks, making them unpredictable.

Here’s what we know and suspect.

Organic Sitelinks

Organic sitelinks appear in two forms:

  • Branded.
  • “Mini” (a single line).

Branded sitelinks show for brand-name search queries and are always at the top. Google inserts branded sitelinks in mostly high authority sites for known “entities,” high-volume queries Google knows as brands.

Sometimes branded sitelinks include a box to search the site right from Google. Google’s tutorial addresses how to use structured data to increase the chances of a sitelink search box.

In most cases, however, branded sitelinks are from the main navigation, such as this example for an “ebay” query.

Mini sitelinks mostly show up in the top 10 organic results. Mini sitelinks are contextual — i.e., based on the search query.

Optimizing for Mini Sitelinks

I know of no way to optimize for branded sitelinks other than changing a site’s primary navigation. (Paid search advertisers have much better control.) But there are few on-page tactics to generate mini sitelinks, which appear in two forms.

  • Jump-to sitelinks go directly to a section of the same page ranking for the search query.
  • Cross-site sitelinks go to other pages of the site related to the query.

Jump-to sitelinks are based on inserting so-called “HTML anchor links” on a page and then linking to them. Clicking a link takes the visitor to...

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