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Voice Search: What Is It & How Does It Work? - Search Engine Journal

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If your business isn’t focusing on voice search optimization, you could be missing out on sales.

Voice search’s gradual rise and dominance in the search engine landscape can’t be ignored.

Smartphones, smart speakers, cars, smart TVs, smart home components, wearables, appliances, and other connected gadgets are on the rise.

They provide a level of convenience the modern consumer craves.

The simple press of a button, followed by reciting a phrase verbally, can return instantaneous results.

Speech recognition technology has made our lives even easier and shopping more effortless.

And more consumers are catching on to the benefits of using a virtual assistant for their needs.

Forecasts predict by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units. This number is higher than the world’s population.

Additionally, nearly one-third of the U.S. population has a smart speaker device.

Before we dive into tips for optimizing for voice search technology, let’s first explore what voice search is and its origins.

What Is Voice Search?

Voice search eliminates a layer of effort, enabling consumers to leverage technology to answer a question or simply to find out more information about a topic.

Voice search functionality works through the automatic speech...

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