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Bing is the second largest search engine after Google, with a market share of almost 12.31%. It is owned by Microsft and comprises similar features and products you have come to expect from Google. One such product is Bing Places for Business. This guide will discuss what it is and why you should consider adding your business to Bing.

Bing Places for Business – A Short History

In April 2013, Bing announced that they were renaming their local business listing product to simplify the user experience for businesses. It was changed to “Bing Places for Business,” and users were allowed to claim their physical location listing on Bing.com/places. The new product made it easier to claim, enhance and promote businesses on the search engine. Since then, Bing has been rolling out this feature worldwide, simplifying everything for businesses.

How Does It Work?

Well, your Bing listing can appear in two primary places. First is the Search Results, and the second is Bing Maps. To update your business listing on Bing, you need to have the following information:

  • Business NAP
  • Business Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • A Primary Category
  • Business Hours

Once you have put together everything in Bing Webmaster Tools, it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 working days for Bing to update your listing. However, if you have a verified Google Business Profile, you can instantly verify your listing on Bing Places for Business.

In that sense, it works pretty much like Google Business Profile. It displays your...

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