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Estate planning is a complex, competitive area of law. You need a strong estate planning law firm marketing strategy to encourage new clients to reach out to you for your services. Digital marketing for niche law firms can be complicated, which is why it is essential to understand the best practices. You may know that estate planning is crucial for families if a loved one passes away, but how do you convey that message to website visitors? To learn how your law firm can improve its online presence, visibility, and authority, we will look at what you need to do to get started on a customized marketing strategy and what tactics you should consider to ensure your strategy is a success.

Estate Planning Law Firm Marketing: Getting Started
No matter whether you are looking to revise your current marketing strategy or you have recently opened a law firm and are starting from scratch, devising a digital marketing strategy for your website and social media pages can be intimidating. However, there are steps you can take to make the process easier. For example, you want to start by defining your target audience and determining what makes your estate planning law firm unique.

Who Is Your Target Client?

Who is your ideal client? What characteristics make them your ideal client? Are you considering factors like location, education, career, finances, etc.? If you do not already have a client profile, it is time to create one. Consider the types of clients best suited for your law...

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