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Meaningful internet connectivity for Pakistan - The Express Tribune

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Policy regarding rural broadband is either incomplete or inadequately implemented
Internet governance (IG) conversations in Pakistan are disjointed and chaotic – they are confused, partisan, politically charged and most important, a product of limited understanding and even limited willingness to open to exchanges that are out of the comfort zones of a select few.
When we talk about Digital Pakistan, deliberations on urban startup tech ecosystems, digital campaigns, online expressions and freedoms in silos will not help.
Consolidation and then prioritising of IG conversations is very critical as policymakers and regulators struggle with time and capacity issues, civil society with financial and perception limitations and users with information asymmetry.
Worse is the elite capture of IG narratives and a highly partisan approach leading to lack of trust among various stakeholders.
First and foremost, the only prioritised actions around the internet in Pakistan should be around connectivity – meaningful connectivity for all.
Any emerging economy without a robust digital public infrastructure might as well bid goodbye to progress, technological innovation and economic success. Resilient societies are built on access and freedoms and universal access is probably the most important strategy that any emerging economy needs to focus on.
Doreen Bogdan-Martin, the newly elected Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and also the first woman to...

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