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Ainun Nishat: Bangladesh should prioritize adaptation, financing, and tech development at COP27 - Dhaka Tribune

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He also called for greater emphasis on solar energy and wind power
Bangladesh should attach utmost importance to adaptation, financing, and development of technology at this year's UN Climate Conference (COP27), top climate change specialist Dr Ainun Nishat has said.
He said altogether eight issues are being discussed at COP27 this year.
“There was a new loss and damage discussion [on Sunday], but the discussion on this issue started from 1992. Almost 30 years have passed in bringing this issue into global discussion. This issue will continue to be discussed over the next three years. This is a good development,” the professor said.
However, he stressed that what is important for Bangladesh right at this moment is adaptation.
“Adaptation requires a lot of money. The Bangladesh government approved an estimated $270 billion, but it will not be given in one day. It will be given in parts. Bangladesh should aim to ensure that the adaptation money does not decrease in any way. Loss and damage should not be included in this amount,” said Dr Ainun Nishat.
Regarding financing, he again stressed that time would be needed for funds to be disbursed once it has been requested but praised the introduction of transparency mechanisms.
“If you do not have skills in this field, you will not get any money. Bangladesh has zero skills in this regard. Therefore, Bangladesh should work to achieve competence internally,” he added.
The climate change expert also said that migration is an...

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