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The recent surge in technological advancements of women’s activewear - Pakistan Observer

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Saad Imtiaz
In the rapidly developing fashion world, preferences and dressing styles significantly influenceone’s appearance and attire.
Something as simple as a pair of women’s Ultraboosts carriestremendous significance and background in today’s society.
Apart from fast fashion, another fast-growing fashion trend is activewear, especially among women. Activewear is casual andcomfortable clothing that makes exercising and working out more accessible and enjoyable.
However, it has also become a part of everyday wear, with people preferring to wear theirworkout clothes to public places and other casual events.
The recent upsurge in obesity anddietary problems has also caused a significant growth in the number of people working outearnestly to maintain their body’s fitness. This calls for an increase in the use of activewear.
Importance and benefits of choosing the correct activewear
In any form of exercise or sports, whether you are lifting, swimming, or running, the correct gearcan even help to enhance your performance and technique. One such form of activewear iscompression gear.
Generally appearing as sleeves, socks or leggings, compression gearcompresses parts of your body while you work out. The compression improves your performanceby escalating blood flow to and fro your limbs, thus keeping your muscles oxygenated.
When we work out, we produce sweat which is our body’s way of cooling down. However, after a thorough workout, we usually find ourselves drenched in sweat, leading...

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