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Sarsabz Pakistan Mobile App Asserts Speedy Growth in the Agri-Sector - ProPakistani

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Pakistan has one of the highest population growth rates in the region, currently standing at nearly 2 percent. It means that the number of mouths we will need to feed in the future will increase disproportionately against the amount of food we produce.
While our population might not see any drastic reduction anytime soon, Sadozai believes we can do better on our food production front by adopting modern practices at par with world practices and standards.
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Agriculture moves nearly 20 percent of Pakistan’s economy through crop production and related jobs and services. However, Rabel Sadozai, Director of Marketing and Sales at Fatima Fertilizer, says “we are still far away from exploring the full potential of our agriculture sector to achieve sustainable growth.”
“We can enhance our agricultural produce through smart farming and induction of agritech,” Sadozai says.
She further adds, “Pakistan has immense agri potential and we are unable to exploit it entirely due to our failure to transition from age-old farming practices towards modern and precision-based farming based on scientific knowledge and technology.”
Despite being an agricultural economy, Pakistan incurs a hefty wheat import bill. Experts estimate that Pakistan may require to import nearly 04 million tonnes of wheat to meet the local shortfall, thereby propelling the country’s wheat import bill up to $4 billion during FY 2023.
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