Monday, November 28, 2022

Jugnu Launches Jugnu Pro, a One-Stop Procurement Solution in Pakistan - ProPakistani

Last updated Tuesday, November 15, 2022 02:05 ET , Source: TopWireNews

Jugnu, a Pakistan-based B2B e-commerce startup, has launched Jugnu Pro, a one-stop procurement solution for Pakistani enterprises.
This model offers smarter buying solutions, reducing procurement supply-chain inefficiencies for offices and institutions.
Offices/Industrial Units, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Hotels, and Restaurants can all benefit from Jugnu Pro.
The daily procurement of office supplies like beverages, stationery, cleaning items, basic electronics, and commodities used in these institutions is currently done through various channels, including wholesale stores and suppliers or distributors for separate brands.
This creates various issues in pricing, availability of products, delivery timings, and transparency of transactions. Jugnu Pro aims to solve the aforementioned procurement issues with a one-stop solution for all business supplies.
“Corporate and Institutional procurement teams always struggle when it comes to handling multiple suppliers, numerous quotations, keeping up with compliance, maintaining payment records, etc,” said Umair Hamdani, Head of Institutional Sales at Jugnu.
“We identified this problem and solving it through technology and innovation, acting as procurement consultants, offering a wide range of products across categories on the platform of Jugnu Pro,” he added.
“It is our mission to empower small and medium businesses – businesses of these size and scale are one of the most overlooked segments from procurement sourcing point...

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