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8 Soft Skills That are Essential for Pakistan’s Remote Tech Talent - ProPakistani

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Pakistan’s IT and tech talent should be optimistic these days. Remote tech talent skills are in high demand, especially among western companies. A global shortage of tech talent, be it software developers or Dev Op roles, has resulted in the developed world looking further afield for remote software developers to fill this shortfall. And with 70% of Pakistan’s population under 30 and primarily computer literate, we are ideally placed to reap the rewards of this global demand.
Furthermore, with a global recession looming and many companies in the west thinking about their own benefits, the attractiveness of cheaper remote software engineers from abroad is obvious. For Pakistanis, this is a win-win. Working from home and earning foreign currency helps them bring foreign remittance into Pakistan and starve off some of the current inflationary pressures earning in PKR causes.
I am the founder of Scout & Hire, an HR-Tech Startup. Scout & Hire is a remote recruitment platform connecting great Pakistani IT and Tech talent with companies in the developing world. Fullstack developers, Frontend and Backend Developers, Cloud Engineers, Dev Ops Engineers, Automation Engineers, you name it; we connect Pakistani talent with great companies aboard. However, despite the optimism, there is a slight fly in the ointment—our young people’s soft skills.
I have met and spoken with hundreds of remote tech talent looking to work from home in Pakistan. We vet the candidates before...

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