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Beating China at their own game: Indian Army is using Chinese cameras to spy on Chinese drones - Firstpost

Last updated Friday, December 2, 2022 10:05 ET

Attack drones and cameras drones have become a huge menace for the Indian armed forces, whether you consider drones being used by Pakistan, or by China. Most of these drones come from China and have been a major concern for the Indian Army. So, to combat this onslaught of drones, the Indian Army had to do something. What they ended up doing, is ingenious, inspiring and downright brilliant.
The Indian army is going to use China’s own weapon against them. The Indian Army, will fight Chinese drones, using camera modules sourced from China.
#WATCH | A Kite trained by the Indian Army to prey on drones displayed in action at the ongoing Indo-US wargame Yudhabhyas in Auli, Uttarakhand pic.twitter.com/Bjha3gKaNS
The Indian Army showcased how it has developed a new drone-hunting system which uses high-resolution spy cameras and black kites which have been trained by the military. The new hunting system, which is meant to be deployed for surveillance along our border with China, was unveiled at a US-India bilateral military exercise, where the armed forces also did a demonstration with it.
The black kite has a small but powerful spy camera mounted on its head using a specially designed brace. The camera will be used to detect and neutralize Chinese drones. While most of the design for the implementation of the tech has been developed in India, the spy camera that is being used with these kites are made in China.
A Eurasian Times report suggests that the spy camera which the Indian...

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