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Google Analytics 4: Three Metrics You Should Know To Optimize Google Ads - Search Engine Journal

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The Google-mandated switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is fast approaching.

Most marketers grasp the GA4 basics, but there are still plenty of benefits and features of GA4 that are worth knowing.

While there are many hidden wonders of GA4, I’ve discovered a few noteworthy ones.

And since Google Analytics is all about numbers, here are three metrics marketers should know to drive impact when optimizing Google Ads campaigns.

What Is A Metric

First and foremost, let’s review what a metric is to be on the same page.

The official Google definition of “metric” is:

“A quantitative measurement, such as an average, ratio, percentage, and so on. It’s always a number as opposed to text.”

While that definition might seem pretty simple, the word “metrics” is sometimes confused with “dimensions.”

A dimension is an element or descriptive element of the data, and the metric measures that data. For example, in Google Analytics 4, the name of an event that a user triggers is the dimension.

And the number of times the event was triggered is the metric.

With the definition of the word metric outlined, let’s look at three interesting metrics and how they can optimize your Google Ads campaigns.

1. Active Users

The Active Users metric is described by Google as:

“Any user who has an engaged...

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