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SEO Experts Release Top Google Facts for Business Bosses - Digital Journal

Last updated Friday, December 23, 2022 19:05 ET , Source: NewsService

SEO experts have revealed 13 MUST KNOW facts that show company bosses how they can skyrocket their businesses using Google.

Search engine optimisation specialists WeSEOexperts have unveiled the results of a study that show key insights on how Google can benefit businesses.

The research has found that Google controls 92% of the search engine market and a business that is ranked number one on Google will receive more than 39% more traffic to its site.

  1. Google controls 92% of the search engine market with its main competitors like Yahoo, Bing and Baidu only taking 5% of the market
  2. Websites that rank in the top three on Google will receive 68.7% of clicks and a site that is ranked number one will receive 39.8% more traffic
  3. Putting a keyword in a URL gives a massive 45% greater click-through rate on Google
  4. 27% of people across the world are using the Google voice search on their mobile devices
  5. Google has the largest number of indexed pages online.
  6. Google searches have increased from 10,000 a day when it first launched in 1998 t0 40,000 per second today
  7. In November 2022 alone, Google had 85.1 billion visits around the globe
  8. 1.8 billion of 66 billion people who have email addresses have Google email addresses
  9. Since its launch in 2017, Google Lens has processed more than 1 billion searches
  10. YouTube was the most downloaded Google app with 18.74 billion downloads in July 2022
  11. Google processes 16 to 20% of all new searches of unique words every year
  12. The legal industry dominates the...

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