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Cheated on Tech Certification Test With "Exam Dump" Early in Career - Business Insider

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Early in their career, an anonymous tech worker used "exam dumps" to pass technical certifications.
They say the answers were easy to find online with a quick Google search.
The certifications gave them an advantage but now they realize that "exam dumps" are harmful.
It was early in my career when I decided to cheat to obtain a professional qualification.
I grew up in Pakistan, and I became fascinated with technology while I was still in school. With encouragement from my father, I took extracurricular courses and taught myself Java before going on to study computer science at university.
As a new graduate, I worked for tech companies with clients in the United States that outsourced software development to us. I did some work using the cloud software service Salesforce, and that's where I first encountered technical certifications, or "certs."
Technical certifications are qualifications that a worker can obtain by taking an exam that — in theory — proves they're competent with a certain software tool. They're popular with enterprise tech tools across the industry, from Salesforce to Amazon Web Services to ServiceNow.
The exams can cost up to hundreds of dollars — the entry-level Salesforce certification cost half my monthly salary in Pakistan. I didn't want to risk failing and having to pay for it all over again — so I cheated with "exam dumps."

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