Tuesday, January 31, 2023

India as the global 'swing state': Its strategic choices for 2023 - Times Now

Last updated Friday, December 30, 2022 10:05 ET , Source: TopWireNews

India's major strategic challenges in 2023, would be to balance its ties with the US, as Washington continues to try and wean India away from its linkages with Russia and to remain prepared for any adventurism by the China-Pakistan nexus. And even though the US has tried hard to divide the world with its 'with us or against us' narrative on the Ukraine issue, India's nuanced foreign policy on the matter has left Washington - and its vocal votaries - perplexed. India is frankly too big now (economically) to fall into the shadow of any one country, more so, over a conflict in Europe, that has to be resolved by the Europeans (despite America's open support to Ukraine), never mind the oft-repeated message of Prime Minister Modi to message that this is not at era of war. For India, a more immediate threat is the China-Pak nexus.
The Chinese threat looms large in so many areas - from the Himalayan front lines to cyber threats - specially its ability to use its extensive trade and technology clout to remind New Delhi of its limitations, along with of its nexus with Pakistan, will continue to demand considerable investments from India. This would range from rapid building of infrastructure on the borders, greater military tech-capabilities - drones, air and missile power, satellites, etc. - to building India's manufacturing capabilities for electronics - cell phones, ACs, TV sets, etc..; in all of which India's dependence is over 90 percent on Chinese goods....

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