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URL Redirects For SEO: A Technical Guide - Search Engine Journal

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A comprehensive overview of redirects and the proper application for HTTP redirects and 3XX Series Of Status Codes.

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Redirects for SEO should be used correctly because they impact how websites are crawled and indexed by Google.

While most people think of redirects as an internet detour sign, much more is happening, and it’s surprisingly enjoyable to discover.

Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of redirects and the proper application for technical SEO.

What Is A Redirect?

Website redirects tell browsers and search engines information about a URL and where to find the webpage.

A URL redirect involves code implemented to a specific URL, or a group of URLs so that the user (or search engine) is sent to a different page to the actual URL that was input or clicked.

A redirect can be set as a:

  • Temporary redirect: 302, 303, 307, 308.
  • Permanent redirect: 301.

When To Use Redirects

The main reasons to use redirects are:

  • An individual page or entire domain has been moved (URL changed).
  • To allow the use of URL shorteners or ‘pretty URLs.’
  • Site migration (e.g., HTTP to HTTPS).

For SEO purposes, URL redirects are important because they:

  • Forward authority of any links pointing to a page that has moved or been deleted.
  • Avoid 404 page not found errors (although sometimes it...

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