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As Organic Marketing Evolves, Semrush Is Staying Ahead With ... - Built In Austin

Last updated Saturday, December 31, 2022 20:05 ET , Source: NewsService

In the world of search engine optimization, everything is beholden to Google’s deified algorithm. Discoverability on the world wide web makes or breaks many online businesses today, and the rise and fall of digital empires hinge on what new metrics the mighty algorithm will extoll in its next update.

Though only Google’s engineers are privy to the man — or machine — behind the SEO curtain, a new field of translators and analysts was born in response to the guarded secrets of the tech giant’s search engine. Chief among these firms is Semrush, a marketing tech company with a data-backed platform that helps businesses research SEO, content, advertising and social media strategies.

As multichannel marketing for digital enterprises continues to grow, Semrush’s tools become all the more valuable in determining the success factors for online visibility. Google’s algorithm is both kingmaker and executioner for the livelihood of many traffic-based business models, and this reliance helps companies like Semrush scale with demand, which necessitates a growing team of talented staff to make sure it’s up-to-date on the volatility of organic marketing.

“We’ve developed new processes, broken things, fixed things and made huge leaps in our productivity and impact,” Kyle Byers, director of organic search, said of his time at the company.

With a robust system of feedback and encouraged autonomy, employees at Semrush feel as if they’re constantly progressing towards more ambitious goals even...

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