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To get more visitors and genuine buyers to be directed to your website organically

By Arif Kazi

The e-commerce space is booming with both new-age and traditional brands trying to claim a share of the revenue pie by marking their business’ presence online. In a bid to stay above the competition, here are some tools that will help you get listed among the top results on the Search Engine Results Pages

The internet is flooded with brands and their e-commerce websites. With an array of competitors, generic keyword searches in any search engine provide users with innumerable pages’ search engine results pages of brands from over the world catering to their needs. What furthermore bolstered the shift in businesses from brick and mortar to the intangible virtual business is the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. With such an increase in traffic from service providers and producers in various industries on the internet, e-commerce is set to become the main channel of revenue generation for several brands. Testimony of the increased dependency on e-commerce by both businesses and users is a study by Statista which highlights that e-commerce which accounted for 7.4% of retail sales in 2015 is set to rise to 21.8% by 2024.

With so much potential in the online business sphere, you might want to increase traffic to your product website and the product page listed on various e-marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, among others. To get more visitors and genuine buyers to be...

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