Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Google news SEO tips: The ultimate guide for publishers - Press Gazette

Last updated Thursday, January 5, 2023 04:05 ET , Source: NewsService

Master of the SEO arts, Barry Adams, explains what publishers need to do in order to improve their relationship with everyone’s biggest source of readers – Google.

Adams, of Polemic Digital, has been building websites and working with many world-leading media brands on SEO strategy for more than 20 years. Speaking at a special seminar in London for senior publishing figures, organised by Glide Publishing Platform at the Amazon HQ, he provided a fascinating, and candid, introduction to the latest thinking on how best to get traffic from Google.

But first a warning. Google giveth and Google take away. And when it comes to news publishers, the search giant has been mostly been taking away in recent years.

Google search algorithm updates

Google makes major updates to its search algorithm every few months. These are changes to the instructions given to the AI-brain which powers Google search. The way Adams tells it, Google’s search technology lives within a black box and even it does not know how search updates will play out once set free in the real world. This is why they often have unforeseen consequences and sometimes need to be rolled back.

The last major Google search update was the link spam update on 14 December 2022 aimed at neutralising the impact of “spammy” links. These are links which have been inserted in websites with the hope of gaming Google’s search rankings. Links to sites are one of the ways Google’s algorithm decides whether they deserve to rank in...

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