Friday, February 3, 2023

Planning for 2023 - Researching Key Topics and Angles for Your ... - Social Media Today

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Looking for ways to refine and improve your social media marketing efforts in 2023?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a range of key tips and pointers to help you maximize your efforts, as well as essential tools and processes that you can use to connect with a broader, more receptive audience online.

In the first post of the series, we looked at how to define your brand purpose statement, and how that can then guide your process moving forward.

With that established, we move onto the next element - researching key queries in your industry, in order to map out a more effective content approach, both for SEO and social posting purposes.

Understanding what your audience wants to know, and how you can meet them in their search process

The key to getting your brand and products in front of your target customers is to understand where people are looking, and what they’re looking for in relation to your business.

Optimizing for search is the core consideration here, but increasingly, people are also searching on social platforms for more information about products and businesses. And then there are ads, and meeting demand that people didn’t even realize they had. All of this requires research, and understanding both the common queries and questions, along with competitor insight, and how they’re delivering (or not) on the same.

So first off, at a high level, you need to get some measure of the most common queries relative to your brand, products and region.

The best...

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