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What Is A Pillar Page? (How They Can Help Your SEO) - Search Engine Journal

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Learn what a pillar page is, how it can help your S.E.O. efforts, and see some examples of pillar pages in action.

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Pillar pages have been an effective way to group and present website content to users and search engines for some time.

In this post, I will define what a pillar page is, how it can help your SEO efforts, and share some examples of pillar pages in action.

So let’s start by defining pillar pages.

What Is A Pillar Page?

A pillar page is a landing destination on your website that focuses on a key topic, resource, product, or service area.

It enables users and search engines to access lots of topically relevant content, quickly.

The depth of pillar pages will vary based on their purpose.

Some may be more of a shallow introduction to get fast access to other content (a little like the role of a contents page), whilst others will be more comprehensive, giving deeper standalone value, supported by related content items.

If you listed down all of the core topics related to your business, each of these could logically warrant becoming a pillar page.

Pillar pages give people single-stop access to a host of related content in a user-friendly way.

They also provide search engines with logically organized content that can be quickly crawled, understood, and therefore ranked effectively in search.

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