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What is an SEO product manager? - Search Engine Land

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SEO product managers are the teammates you never knew you needed. In-house SEO teams also can’t live without them.

In this article, we will cover what an SEO product manager does, the skills needed to become one, and where the role sits within the organization.

What is an SEO product manager?

At a high level, an SEO product manager (PM) helps teams optimize features and functionalities on a website so that it’s discoverable by search engines and humans alike.

This role is uniquely positioned to empathize with and understand two important types of customers:

  • Search engine bots (i.e., Googlebot) that crawl websites.
  • Prospective customers who visit websites looking for information or products.

SEO product management is a form of specialization within product management since it requires experience in and knowledge of search engine optimization. The role differs from that of an SEO manager in two main ways, as SEO PMs:

  • Maintain a roadmap and partner with other product managers, engineers and delivery leads to execute SEO roadmap initiatives.
  • Operate in software tools like Jira and Confluence, writing SEO requirements and maintaining detailed product requirements for SEO initiatives.

On a day-to-day level, the SEO PM helps make sure any necessary SEO requirements are incorporated into the technical work being done by functional teams in terms of how a feature gets built (or coded) so that it’s “SEO-friendly” for search engines and humans.

Before we go any further, let’s...

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