Friday, January 27, 2023

Political Instability's Impact on Security - Daily Times

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Pakistan is facing many tough challenges and is going through a turbulent time. On the one side, it is facing the scourge of terrorism, and on the other, it is facing economic challenges that imperil human security. In addition to the threat of terrorism, Pakistan is facing challenges to its traditional security due to geopolitical competition and an arms race. All these issues impact the comprehensive security of Pakistan. Despite these challenges, Pakistan’s political leadership is exhibiting no solemnity; as a result, the country is engulfed in political instability. Political instability can hamper Pakistan’s ability to provide comprehensive security to its people. Furthermore, it also shakes the people’s confidence in ruling institutions because they witness that the people in power don’t care for their hardships and are involved in the power struggle. Consequently, political instability engenders multiple challenges for the comprehensive national security of Pakistan and becomes an obstruction in resolving these quandaries.
First, the dilemma of terrorism has resurfaced in Pakistan. Recently, the National Security Committee decided not to conduct any dialogue with the TTP and decided to use force against them. The situation in Balochistan is also not very encouraging. To prosper against terrorism, we require political consensus. However, it seems infeasible in the current scenario.
Secondly, political instability engenders the challenge of economic insecurity....

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