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Saudi Prince To Setup up a Tech House In Pakistan With 1000+ Job ... - TechJuice

Last updated Wednesday, January 11, 2023 07:05 ET , Source: TopWireNews

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Fahad bin Mansour Al Saud has announced to set up of a technology house in Pakistan to enhance cooperation between the two countries in diverse technical fields, the Future Fest management said.
Prince Fahad Bin Mansour Al Saud is also the Co-Founder Partner at ILSA Interactive and announced that ILSA Interactive is looking forward to creating more than 1000+ jobs in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Globally. expecting to have more than 300+ Projects with a minimum Total Project Value of $100 million dollars For the next 5 Years.
The festival management in an official statement said:
“HRH [His Royal Highness] Prince Fahad bin Mansour Al Saud, during a virtual address to Future Fest stakeholders, announced the establishment of a dedicated Saudi-Pakistan Tech House to promote greater ease of doing business,”
The announcement was made at the Future Fest 2023 is a three-day event, which began on January 6, and has brought together 50,000 participants along with representatives of 500 startups and 200 exhibitors from over 30 countries.
This year’s conference is particularly important for Saudi-Pakistan relations since it has brought a bunch of business leaders and entrepreneurs from the kingdom and other Middle East countries.
The Saudi prince is a co-founder of tech giant ILSA Interactive, which was first founded in 2009 by Pakistani entrepreneur Salman Nasir. “It stands as a great hallmark of Pakistan-Saudi digital collaboration excellence,” the statement...

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