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5 Simple SEO Strategies to Improve Your Rankings - Entrepreneur

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Every online business needs to integrate an SEO strategy into its marketing plan. And no, it isn't all about stuffing your page with keywords.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) affects your website's visibility online. Good SEO means more page traffic and higher chances of selling your products and services to a broader audience. No matter how great your products are or how well-designed your website is, without an SEO strategy, your chances of ranking on Google or any other search engine are slim.

How important is SEO?

Sure, you're already making other marketing efforts to lead your audience to your website. You're spending on ads and perhaps partnering with content creators to post links to your page. But that's not enough.

If you're getting traffic from other sources, that's great! But did you know that organic search is five times more valuable than Google ads? This is because over 90% of website traffic comes from search engines.

Users who land on your page from a search engine have higher chances of converting because they specifically searched for your brand, products, or services. On the flip side, someone who ended up on your page after coming across your ad may not have had any prior intentions to check out your website.

Unlike organic search, that's intentional, paid marketing efforts may disrupt someone's experience. Besides, any website that's too deep into the Google search page may lose its...

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