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4 Strategies To Improve Your Website’s Mobile Version - Forbes

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More than 75% of people around the world use a smartphone, so it’s no wonder that website designers have grown increasingly concerned with mobile optimization in recent years. Mobile web design is essential since most businesses are discovered through online searches now. But what does it mean to have an effective mobile webpage, and how can you create one?

There are many facets to mobile optimization. Here are four tips to ensure that your website’s mobile experience is a memorable one.

1. Appeal To All User Experiences

Smaller screens may give you less space to work with, but that doesn’t mean a lower-quality experience compared to a desktop design. Mobile sites should prioritize navigation, readability and accessibility. These elements are universal no matter what device the user is browsing on, but these come into play more prominently on a mobile website.

Mobile website optimization is more than just having a solid design. Remember that clients may be viewing the website on different devices. Each device, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, will have a specific aspect ratio, meaning your website’s content should be sized according to those dimensions. That way, none of your audience is left alienated by improperly working web elements.

2. Create A Responsive Design

A smaller screen means that content is scaled down. But you don’t...

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