Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Daftarkhwan partners with Pakistan Air Force - Daily Times

Last updated Wednesday, January 18, 2023 01:05 ET

Daftarkhwan is launching its newest coworking space- Alpha, in the National Aerospace Science and Technology Park (NASTP), in partnership with Aviation City Pakistan, a project spearheaded by the Pakistan Air Force.
Alpha opened its doors this December, 2022- Situated in the Old Islamabad International Airport, Alpha provides a unique chance for enterprising tech companies to engage with the innovation ecosystem focused on Aerospace, IT and Cyber Tech domains. Adjacent to Alpha, NASTP also boasts Pakistan’s very first National Incubation Centre with an aerospace vertical and a specialized focus on deep tech, funded by Ignite, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Information Technology. Daftarkhwan | Alpha has a 450+ member capacity and brings you Daftarkhwan’s signature design and vibrant workspaces including amenities such as military-grade security, secure parking, a 10,000 sq. ft. cafe and a podcast room. Furthermore an on-site daycare facility, banking centers, ATMs and one-window legal and regulatory support facilities are planned to launch this January.
CTO of ACPPL, Dr Tauseef ur Rehman says, “A central theme of NASTP’s vision is to most effectively engage the private sector into creating a productive and sustainable innovation ecosystem in Pakistan. In this pursuit, we are proud to partner with team Daftarkhwan which not only brings the best in office space experience, but also helps us curate a tech enterprises community most relevant to the Park’s focus areas of...

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